Thursday, November 12, 2015

BBC School News Reporters Practice Day- 13th November 2015

Here are the PLS BBC News Reporters, reporting from the activities they enjoyed at school!  

Physical education

In a new module, we were playing badminton. It was not that hard, because I was doing this in year 7 which was last year.
In the first game, the teacher split us up. It was really sad, because I was the only boy in that group. I was doing well but after we switched, I started playing badly. The score was 23:6. I was upset and the team were shouting at me. In the next round I was still in that group and continued to lose. Unfortunately, the other team won the game. They were very happy!
Although we lost, I had a lot of fun! Yubing- Year 8

Romanian Club

Hi, I’m Romanian and in my school we have a Romanian club. We like attending this club because we learn more things. We always have fun.
Soon I will do a project about Greek Gods. I love learning about world history. In the club we help each other, we speak about the things that we learn in each lessons.
 This club is helping me a lot because if I don’t know something my friends/teacher can help me. In my opinion this club is the best of everything.
I love speaking and helping my friends. Having the opportunity to continue learning in first language is amazing.
We do a lot of projects such as; Christmas, Easter and other holidays.

So Romanian Club is incredible and a lot of fun!
Franceska- Year 9

Teaching the class

In P.E we have to plan and teach a lesson. Being the first person to do is pretty scary but badminton is easy to teach. The whole class staring at you isn’t always the best thing ever, but since nobody in our class is a sport champion, I was confident enough to teach them. As  in every P.E lesson at the start we had a warm up, just a few stretches. Then I gave them a few tips on serving, focusing mostly on the front hand as I myself had to improve on it. When we were done practicing our serves came in the matches. Everyone chose a pair and started a match with their partner on a four person court . However some people decided to play in a four.
At the end of the lesson we put back the rackets and some of my classmates said that they enjoyed the lesson. It was fun but honestly I wouldn’t do it again, teaching a class of people is hard.
Selena- Year 10

Year 10 assembly GCSE Music Students’ concert 

The most amazing musicians in Prendergast Lady well school gave a concert this morning, singing the songs ‘Next to me’ and ‘Believe’. The singing was mind-blowing.  
Mia, one of the musicians who played the bass guitar, told me that as everyone came in she started shaking, but when she looked at the others, she saw that they had the same feeling as well. At the beginning she was so distressed, because she was trying not to make any mistakes. She even had problems remembering the chords. However, she remembered that the teacher told them to have fun, so she decided not to worry and tried to have fun with music.
Everyone enjoyed the concert. They were INCREDIBLE. For some reason I wanted to cry and I felt so proud when I saw my friend up there.
Maria- Year 10

PLS Girls’ basketball team

On 11th November, PLS Girls’ basketball team played against Sydenham Girls and another team. Our school won the second place as well as the silver medal. The girls had to play their first match of the year and the coach of the team Ms. Odusanya led the team. The girls played well and had a lot of fun. I played in the game and thought it was amazing. In the first game, we scored 12 to 4 and in second  game we scored 6 to 10 against Sydenham Girls.
During the first game we all had passion to win. We had team work, skills and energy. The whole tournament lasted for 2 hours. We lost focus but got back into the game as we saw our opponents being better than us. We felt joy and sadness as we lost the first place. However, we held our head high as we took pictures to remember the first PLS Girls’ basketball match.
Mariya- Year 10

GCSE Turkish Club

My name is Elidzhan and I come to Turkish club because it is interesting and a lot of fun!
This year I will do my GCSE in Turkish. It is little bit difficult for me, because I come from Greece. In Greece we didn’t have Turkish language club. When I came to London I started to learn reading and writing in Turkish. I am not perfect in writing yet but I’m trying my best.  
Also the alphabet is very different then Greek alphabet because Turkish alphabet is written with Latin letters.
This year it will be my last year and I want to do GCSE in Greek and Turkish.
I hope to get high grades in both of these GCSE assessments.
Elidzhan- Year 11








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