Friday, December 11, 2015

BBC School News Reporters Practice Day - 10th December 2015

Romanian Christmas

In my city, all the people love Christmas. The children go to from door to door singing Christmas carols. Our moms are preparing foods, cookies and more staffs. Some teenagers go to park, restaurants or they stay home and do a little party. By Franceska- Year 9


In my town there aren’t many traditions. The biggest tradition we have is hanging the Christmas lights each year. The lights are usually hanged after the first day of snow but if it doesn’t happen we would hang them anyway just on the trees. When it does snow, some of the town’s people would come and build snowmen in order to hang the Christmas lights around them. Every night most kids and teens come to the park and sleigh down the big hill. Chrismas is probably the best time of year in my town. By Selena- Year 10


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