Monday, April 11, 2016

10th March- BBC School News Reporters Big News Day

PLS BBC School News Reporters visited BBC Broadcasting House on 10 March for the 10th anniversary of BBC School News Report.
Watch the clip below.
We were also featured on the BBC News - watch the BBC News video - PLS are 8min 20 seconds into the clip.

Here are PLS BBC School Reporters' account of this amazing day;
On the tenth of March we went to the BBC broadcasting house. The first thing we did was to listen to the speech given by the Head of BBC. Our tour guide, Kirsty McLean has given us a tour of the Broadcasting House and then we went on our way to drive the desk. Sarah Evans taught us how to drive a desk. Our training included how we could choose music and how we could change the songs. We interviewed Sarah to find out how she got to the stage she is at now. Our other big event was when we did drive the desk live on radio 1Xtra. We interviewed A.Dot and also spoke live on radio. It was a great experience and we have fun.  - by Selena-Year 10

I have no words to explain how much I enjoyed the visit we had. I personally had a great experience. Everyone were amazing and so polite. Our guide Kirsty  McLean  was making us feel like part of the family which made my heart melt. We met Sara Evans, who is the person that prepares “the desk” on radio shows before going live. She is the nicest person I have ever met in my life. A. Dot was also fantastic. We went live on the radio with her, it was very stressful  but so exciting! Huge thanks to BBC for the chance they gave us!! -by Maria Year 10

On the 10th march, we went to the BBC Broadcasting house to meet A. DOT and did activities with many interesting people. Everyone was very nice and considerate toward us. Firstly we met Sarah Evans to learn how to drive a desk. We had so much fun and learned many things. It was a great experience as there was new things we seen. We had the chance to drive a desk and ask A DOT question. She answers about how she started and what she wanted to do with music as it was a dream of hers. Kirsty was our guide and would tell us more about the BBC studio. We also had the chance to see the director of the BBC Broadcasting House. Thank you BBC School Report for inviting us.
By Mariya Year 10
Well done to all the reporters and thank you!



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