Thursday, May 12, 2016

Prendergast Arts Festival Presented by GCSE Students of Art and Performance

 Prendergast Ladywell School Arts Festival presented some great talents through GCSE art, drama and music students. The work that every student put in was huge and it was also defined in their work. Prendergast Ladywell School always had amazing artists but this time, the work they did was outrageously beautiful. I personally think that they have a huge gift and appreciate the fact that they are willing to share it with others. So I decided to share the experience they gave us with you.

I chose to ask some of the artists a couple of questions about their work and as I was not able to speak to everyone I chose three people at random as everyone's work had a very powerful message and they all had many beautiful elements in them.

Art on display

 “I wanted to add as much colour as possible to give live to it and describe my personality.”(Gulianna)

“I don’t have to do what others say, I can do what I feel like doing,” (Carolino)
 “It's fascinating to be able to transmit feelings through a pen and a piece of paper.”(Mariya)

 These students worked on these projects for 2-6 weeks. All the work they added was filled with love for art, even if they wanted to add a lot of colours to give their work happiness and life or if they wanted to express a familiar feeling in everyone’s daily life. They all wanted to have their skills noticed and show that you are able to easily express yourself through art. I asked the students that, "If they could change their option of art to something else would they do it?" and all the answers I got were no which demonstrates the passion and call for and from art that they got.

Drama: Dreams and nightmares
They captured everyone's attention with the intro:
“We are free to be what ever we want in our sleep. To fly, to save lives, to dance like no one is watching. But yet, sometimes that which we fear hunts us. Come inside of the minds of teenagers as they move through their night time landscape.”
The students below made me understand the magic of drama.They trained for 5 months and even though people didn’t start confidently they learned over the time how to look confident. The most effective thing in a drama is that you are able to show and feel others' emotions which are a new thing in people's lives. The thing they were  the least stressed about was memorising, and the lights also helped them as they were not able to see the audience. A way the students got over the stress of being on stage was by thinking of superheroes and get out of their life for a second to see the world through others eyes.
 “You don't have to be confident to do drama.” (Ana)
“Drama expresses your feelings and gives you what you need to go as high as you can.” (Azaria)
“Using your body and emotion to recreate a character is something out of the ordinary experience.” (Nakaiya)
“Don’t be scared of nightmares, you can overcome them with dreams.” (Passione)
“Yo don’t have to cry to make it right.” (Ellis)
Magical mystery music
Prendergast Ladywell School musicians did a spectacular job with their performance.They worked on the same songs for almost a year .All students were scared of making mistakes that would affect the rest of the band, not themselves which I find very impressing. They built strong relationships with each other over the time. If a mistake occurred, students would have all carried on singing.The easiest way to get over stress is to look at a spot on a floor or a wall and keep the focus on it.
Sadly it is not going to work in case you are making a speech.
Here are what some of the PLS musicians think about their experience and music in general; 

“I find this experience different, fun and bonding.”(Lucia)

“I want to make people see what I see through music.”(Mia)

“Music is life.”(Jide)

“The beauty of music can be easily discovered through different instruments.”(Praise)
This report is brought to you by PLS BBC School News Reporter Maria in Year 10.

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