Wednesday, March 18, 2015

World Poetry Day- Poetry Writing Workshops- 2

Ebele made us listen to a song and draw things on a paper with our eyes closed. Then we folded the papers in half and passed them onto others. Each of us wrote one word to describe the drawings.

When we finally got our own drawings, we had to write a poem about them using these words.

Here are our poems:

A dog called Ice cream

A long time ago, a strange dog,
that did nothing in his life except drawings,
thought about going to a park,
and he fell into a trap.

Everyone laughed,
because it was a strange ice cream,
and the dog trapped in it.
It was a chocolate ice cream.
A baby cried, because of the dog.

The dog did not die,
but he made a lot of money with his drawings
and everyone loved his work.

Now everyone calls him 'Ice cream'!

Maria- Year 9

In between

I hear a wave sound near to the sea,
The colour of the sea water is black.
The black sea water float to the grass,
in the park next to the sea.

When I see the sea,
in a very far distance,
it looks like they were attached together.

Between the sky and sea,
The first flash of light,
were shooting out from the Sun in the space!

                                                                                    Zi- Year 10

Alone Star  

Once upon a time,
a Star was so bright,
like a cloud of fire.
Star had a very good friend.
They always tangled together.
It's like they were siblings,
and they had the same DNA.

But Star's friend betrayed the Star,
The Star felt like,
it was stuck in a string of mess.
The Star was enraged,
it couldn't keep it
and it exploded with great force and anger

It exploded like a Nebula!

Magisha- Year 10

Creative Love 

Once upon a time,
there lived a creative girl.
She loved to paint,
and she had a picture of a house
hanging on her wall.

One day a prince went to buy
one picture of this girl,
but they ended up sitting
under the sunlight.

Prince turned around
and said to the girl;
"I love you!",
And they lived happily ever after!

Anastasia- Year 10

Darkness of life  

I think that sometimes,
life is full of darkness.
When I move forward,
and then stop and look back,
I feel proud of
what I have done in my life.

No one's life is perfect.
There is always dark side of it.
When I think about darkness,
I think about my uncle dying,
and leaving me here alone.

When I think about depression,
I think about me asking God
why He took him away from me!

So in few words,
I think life sometimes
can be a long string of depression!

Mitchell- Year 10

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