Friday, October 9, 2015

European Day of Languages at PLS

We have celebrated European Day of Languages and our BBC School Reporters ran assemblies at the school.

Here is their recount:

When I went to the assembly hall, I was very shy and nervous, but when I started talking, I felt fine. I taught the students how to say
'How are you?' Πώς είσαι? (Pós eísai?)- 'Hello' Χαίρετε (Chaírete)- and 'Peace' Ειρήνη (eiríni)in Greek . 
I enjoyed the assembly very much!

Elidzhan- Year 11

When I first arrived to the assembly hall, there were just a few people. Afterwards many more students came. When I saw my friends, I got more nervous. I taught how to say 'Hello' 您好 (Nín hǎo) and 'Good-bye' 再见 ( zàijiàn) in Chinese Mandarin. When we finished, I was relieved. I thought that it was easy. I also thought that it was very funny!

Yubing- Year 7

We celebrated European Day of Languages at our school. I felt very comfortable with the presentation. I taught people some Romanian words. They are; 'Hello'  Bună!- and 'I miss you' mi-e dor de tine- 'You are sweet' esti dragut.
I was very proud of myself and my country.

Francesca- Year 9

We celebrated European Day of Languages at our school. During the assemblies I felt that it was amazing to be listened and watched by everyone. When I first walked into the assembly hall, I started to get distressed, and my heart was beating so fast as if it was going to come out of my chest.
Afterwards people came in and we started waiting for our turn. 
I taught 'Peace' Pace- 'Happy Birthday' La multi ani- and 'Sunset' apus in Romanian.     


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